Restore data

Keys Mac allows you to restore a backup either locally or from iCloud.


To restore backup locally

From the application menu, choose "Data" -> "Restore from local backup...":

This opens a dialog containing all the local backups:

There are four kinds of backups:

  • Backup containing "manual" is taken manually by the user.
  • Backup containing "auto" is taken automatically according to your backup interval setup. You can change the interval by following this instruction.
  • Backup containing "reset" is taken automatically when you perform a reset operation.
  • Backup containing "icloud" is taken when user switch to use iCloud sync.

If there exists backup on the local disk other than in the local backup folder, you can click "Other..." to choose the backup from local disk.

After choosing the backup, click "Restore" button to restore the backup.

You can also click "Erase" button to delete the selected backup.


To restore from iCloud backup

From the application menu, choose "Data" -> "Restore from iCloud backup...":

Then it will shows a similar dialog as the local backup dialog. But it contains all your backups from iCloud.


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