iCloud Sync not working

First of All, if you have upgraded to iOS 8 and chosen to use iCloud Drive, then you have to upgrade your Mac to Yosemite to make sync work. Please check this article for details.


If your data are not synced across all your devices, please try following suggestions in order until you find one that resolves your issue:

  1. Wait at least 10 minutes (we have several customers reporting they have waited for 30 minutes) before assuming anything is wrong. To conserve battery, iCloud can take several minutes before actually uploading any changes from your device to the cloud and then download data from cloud to your other devices.
  2. Make sure all your devices are using the same iCloud account.

  3. Check iCloud status board to ensure that iCloud isn't outage at the moment.
  4. Make sure Documents & Data is enabled in iCloud settings.

  5. Restart all your devices to restart the iCloud sync service.

  6. Before proceeding, be sure to complete a backup of iCloud.

    • After you take the backup, turn off the iCloud Sync in Keys and then Turn off Documents & Data. This will only remove the data from your local device and will not affect your data stored in the iCloud. Do this for all Mac and iOS devices as this will restart the iCloud service for the sync.
    • Restart all your devices to remove any stale iCloud files.
    • Turn on Documents & Data again and please wait several minutes for iCloud to re-download the data first.
    • Turn on iCloud Sync in Keys.


Apple also has a separate instruction for troubleshooting iCloud issue.

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